After School Clubs – Back This Week

Badminton Club, P5-P7                Mondays, 3.00-4.00pm     restarts today
Hockey Club, P3-P6                     Mondays, 3.00-4.00pm     restarts today

Multi Sports, P1-P3                      Tuesdays, 2.45-3.45pm     starts Tuesday 30th April
Homework/Activity Club, P1-P4   Tuesdays, 3.00-4.00pm     starts Tuesday 30th April
Homework Club, P5-P7                Tuesdays, 3.00-4.00pm     starts Tuesday 30th April

Thursday Club, P1-P3                  Thursdays, 3.00-4.00pm    starts Thursday 2nd May
Art Club, P4-P7                            Thursdays, 3.00-4.00pm    starts Thursday 2nd May
Shinty Club, P4-P6                       Thursdays,3.15-4.15pm     starts Thursday 2nd May

If you require any further information regarding these clubs, please contact the school office on 01463 231837.

Bingo Fundraiser


We look forward to welcoming you to our Bingo Fundraiser next week. If you can make it along please read on for information about the event.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018


There will be prizes for bingo games for both a line and a full house. The cost of a book of seven tickets will be £3.50. Bring along some change aswell as there will be raffle at the end.

Refreshments will be served after game four.

The Bingo afternoon begins at 3.15pm in the dining hall. Donations of raffle prizes or cakes and biscuits are most welcome! We hope to see many parents and pupils winning prizes and having fun at our Bingo afternoon. The monies raised from this event will go towards the children’s Christmas parties.

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher

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St. Joseph’s staff and pupils look forward to meting parents/guardians on Wednesday the 12th of September for ‘Meet the Teacher’. Mrs Brown and Mrs Martin welcome you to join them in the canteen for a short meeting to hear about the schools plans for the year. After the meeting your child/children’s class will be open for you to join them and their teacher/P.S.A.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday afternoon.

“Together we believe, together we achieve!”

Primary 6: Global Citizens.

Primary 6 were lucky to secure a place at the Take One Action event at Eden Court Theatre on Monday November 27th.

We watched a number of films; from stories of how children in Third World Countries have to strive to raise the money to attend school, to animations showing the effects of humans on the world around them. Take one actionIn between the films there were discussions on the impact we can have, both in terms of sustainability and taking positive actions to help others. We were also given a presentation by Oxfam. It was a very entertaining and informative event and is helping us to expand our thinking and continue to strive towards becoming true Global Citizens.

Eddie the Elf

Primary 5 were in the Christmas spirit yesterday after the arrival of a surprise visitor. Eddie has come from Santa’s Christmas Cheer Division (CCD) in the North Pole to spread some Christmas Cheer. The P5’s have been enlisted as Eddie’s helpers and will need to complete daily challenges to show kindness to others. Sometimes, they may even have secret challenges to complete on their own.

Eddie has been welcomed with open arms and was showered with gifts and cards and even got to hear a few stories too. We think Eddie will like his time in P5.

Watch this space to see some of the ways we are spreading joy this Christmas.